Portable Inverter Mig Stick Tig Welder Gas & Gasless
Portable Inverter Mig Stick Tig Welder Gas & Gasless Portable Inverter Mig Stick Tig Welder Gas & Gasless Portable Inverter Mig Stick Tig Welder Gas & Gasless Portable Inverter Mig Stick Tig Welder Gas & Gasless Portable Inverter Mig Stick Tig Welder Gas & Gasless Portable Inverter Mig Stick Tig Welder Gas & Gasless

Portable Inverter Mig Stick Tig Welder Gas & Gasless

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Portable Inverter Mig Stick Tig Welder Gas & Gasless

Portable Inverter Mig Stick Tig Welder Gas & Gasless

This Fully Portable 160Amp Inverter Mig Stick Tig Welder. This Tig Welder Is Excelent For Both Portability & Ease Of Use There Is No Comparrison Between These Inverter Mig Welders And A Standard Transformer Mig Welder, They Have A Better Deeper Weld Pool With Less Splatter, Higher Duty Cycle, They Are Also  More efficient (Less Current Draw) & You Have Alot More Control Over Weld Settings Eg Has Infinate Control Between 30amps & 160amps, Where A Transformer Mig Usually Only Has 6 to 9 Amperage Settings. These Weders Are Also Much Lighter With A Weight Of Just 20Kg Compared To Over 90Kg So Are Great For Welding Jobs Out In The Field, You Have To Try An Inverter Mig Welder To Realise The Difference.Comes With Standard Mig Gun Connection Unit Also Allows For Connection Of Spool Gun

  • Large 160 Amps Output On Mig Setting
  • 160 Amps On Stick Welding
  • 160 Amps On Tig Welding
  • Easily Changed To Use On Either Gas Or Gasless
  • Comes With Electrode Holder, Euro Mig Gun, Neutral Clamp, Gas Hose
  • Both Amperage & Voltage Displays
  • Top Of The Range Wire Feeder With Adjustable Tension
  • Will Weld Up To 10mm Steel
  • Single Phase 240v With 15Amp Plug

These Mig Welders Are Also Alot More Suitable To Run Of A Genset Than Convensional Transformer Mig Welders, For Being Electronic They Do Not Work Against The Working (electro-Magnetic Field) Of Generators As Welders With Windings Do They can Also Withstand A Larger Fluctuation In Input Voltages.

Inverter Mig Pro Machines Are Designed As Genral Purpose Welders And Are Suitable For A Wide Range Of Operations, Including Large Industrial Applications Through To Smaller Applications. Combined With The Higher Amps The Welding Of Stainless Steel Materials Up To 6mm Thick Is Now Possible Due To Less Splatter Or Will Weld Up To 14mm Standard Steel.


This is the welding machine suitable for any small or big business.  Perfect for aviation, automotive or manufacturing.  All at a price the hobbyist can afford.  Beginners love the ease of use. Experts love the consistency and high duty cycle.

  • Frequency input power voltage V -Hz: AC240 + -15%50
  • Rate input power capacity KVA:5.4
  • Input current A:20
  • Rated output current A MIG/MMA/TIG: 160/130/130
  • Rated output voltage V: 22
  • Output current range A: 30-160
  • Output voltage range V: 15-26
  • Duty cycle: 35%
  • Efficiency %: 85
  • Power factor: 0.85
  • Insulation class: F
  • Protection class of case: IP23
  • Feeding speed m/min: 2-15
  • Diameter of coil mm: 200
  • Diameter of wire: 0.8-1.2
  • Weight ( kg): 20
  • Overall dimension mm: 450-203-400
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