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Ever been cold on a camping trip? Wished your Caravans heater was that bit warmer at night? We know and have long been in search of a safe and effective solution. Well we have now found that solution so, look no further as we have sourced diesel Air Heaters that will heat up to 44 square meters. Say goodbye to those chilly nights spent waiting for the sun to rise and bask in the warmth of this heater. All of our products are tested to the highest standard and meet safety standards. We also listen to the needs of our customers and understand that cost plays an important part when purchasing equipment.

With this in mind we found these fab diesel air heaters not only provides enough warmth to fill your caravan, but is also cheap to run. These heaters will only use .15L/h, which equates to less than $2 per day!! These heaters have a base- mounting plate (200mm x 200mm), as well as a thermostat control to ensure you don’t get too hot. To top it all off the thermostat can be controlled by your mobile, allowing you to ensure you come home to a warm and cosy room at the end of the day.
With an in line pulse fuel pump and plug in wiring harness these diesel air heaters are perfect for the job. These heaters can be connected to existing diesel tank on your vehicle or a separate fuel tank. If you would prefer to use a separate fuel tank, you can also find these on our website, and we are happy to guide you as to suitable products. With a 12 month warranty you can rest assured that this product will last, and with fast delivery it will be with you before you know it.

We strongly recommend this product for use in caravans, RV’s, camping trailers and motor homes. All of these are notorious for a lack of adequate heating and leaving holiday explorers out in the cold. With these fabulous diesel air heaters you will ensure a more pleasurable camping experience for all those involved. A safe and efficient way to heat your camping home, making the outdoor experience more memorable and comfortable for everyone.

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