NEW Honda Powered GX35 4 Stroke Concrete Finishing Screed Trowel With 4ft Blade
NEW Honda Powered GX35 4 Stroke Concrete Finishing Screed Trowel With 4ft Blade NEW Honda Powered GX35 4 Stroke Concrete Finishing Screed Trowel With 4ft Blade NEW Honda Powered GX35 4 Stroke Concrete Finishing Screed Trowel With 4ft Blade NEW Honda Powered GX35 4 Stroke Concrete Finishing Screed Trowel With 4ft Blade NEW Honda Powered GX35 4 Stroke Concrete Finishing Screed Trowel With 4ft Blade

NEW Honda Powered GX35 4 Stroke Concrete Finishing Screed Trowel With 4ft Blade

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NEW Honda Powered GX35 4 Stroke Concrete Finishing Screed Trowel With 4ft Blade


Powered by 4 stroke HONDA GX35 Engine the super screed allows faster, more economical and better way to screed concrete. The Super Screed is easy to use and saves time and manpower while at the same time, providing a high quality product. Our unique power bar and power transfer system produces a high frequency vibration that eliminates the honeycomb effect and speeds finishing time. Super Screed allows one person to do the work of two in less time as compared to traditional 2x4 screeding.

  • Features and Benefits
  • 75% less vibration to operator's hands
  • Better concrete consolidation
  • Simpler handle bar adjustments
  • Allows a smaller crew to pour more concrete in less time.
  • Concrete can be poured stiffer, increasing the strength of the concrete mix.
  • The use of a vibrating screed allows better quality slab.
  • More air pockets from the concrete mix are removed allowing for more concrete consolidation
  • Paste is worked to the top of the slab and distributed, making the finished job easier, especially at edges of the slab which tend to be drier

Better Control: The Lifting handle is located over the center of the mass allowing easy balanced maneuvering. Super Screeds power transfer system has no flex shaft to lubricate. The rubber coupler is engineered to sheer, should the eccentric weight become blocked protecting the bearings from overload damage.

Ease of use: Super Screeds adjustable handle bars can accommodate any user height in any depth of concrete Super Screeds unique double dampering system provides 5 rubber bushings to isolate the operator from vibration, minimizing fatigue while providing smoother operation.

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